Solar Power - How To Make Solar Panels At Home?

Solar power at your fingertips - Make Solar Panels Easily

We all know that it is possible to convert solar energy into electrical energy using solar cells grouped in solar panels. But, speaking of electrical energy intake at home, how economically feasible is the use of photovoltaic panels? Well, the correct answer depends on several factors, among which we mention your electricity consumption habits, the daily hours of solar radiation in the area where you live and your available space for installation of solar panels.

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How many solar panels need for my home

The first point to consider are your good habits of energy use. It will be necessary to replace all incandescent bulbs with energy saving bulbs before you even think about using a solar energy system. The energy saving bulbs consume an average 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Also, there are devices which by their nature consume much electric power and must be rationed in their use, such as air conditioning, microwave ovens, appliances that operate on electrical resistance such as toasters, irons, hair dryers.

An easy way to calculate the amount of solar panels needed for your home is with your last bill. Search your receipt number that tells you the average daily consumption in kWh. Multiply this number by 1.000 and divide the result by the average daily sunshine hours (say, in the state of Morelos are 10 hours of sun).

Example: If the number is 9.13 kWh enconraste then:

 9.13 x 1000 = 9.130 / 10 = 913 watts

Finally, divide this number by the wattage utime each solar panel in this case, each panel is 60 watts:

913/60 = 15.2 panels.

In short, if your average daily consumption from 9.13 kWh need 15 solar panels to provide electrical power your house.

The good news is that now you can create a scalable solar energy system, that is, you can start with a small set of 4 solar panels and go increasing the number of these to reach the desired wattage. This is achieved with the use of solar inverters that connect directly to the existing line of the CFE. For each set of 4 panels will require a solar inverter of 250 watts.

With properly installed solar panels in an area free of shade and connected to one or more solar inverters you can jump-start your electric meter backwards during the day when you are generating more electricity than it consumes. That night your meter operates in a normal (forward). Basically, during the day this solar system the company provides electricity to light which is returned to you at night.

Guide to construction of photovoltaic panels

If you are new solar panel design or if you do not have engineering expertise, we recommend:

1. First make small solar panels to gain experience.

2. In most situations, made 36 or 72 panels of solar cells and connect them in series. 36 cells give you about 17.5 or 18 volts, and 72 cells give you double. These panels are very useful, you will find many products that match their output in terms of power.

For example, if you want to use a charge controller to store energy in batteries, they usually charge controllers are available in 12 or 14 volts, which equals the voltage of your solar panels of 18 or 36 volts as the voltage of your panels should be 1.5 times greater than the voltage of the battery, try to load.

Connect multiple panels in the group if you just want to connect to the existing electrical network at home, in which case require solar inverters .

Welding: If you want to become a serious Dashboard Designer, you must buy a good soldering iron that has adjustable temperature. Remember that this is one of the most important tools for the construction of solar panels.

Fee and specifications for photovoltaic panel

Power: 60 watts
Voltage: 16.8 Volts
Current: 3.56 amps.
Dimensions: 30 x 36 inches.

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