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Earth4Energy Review | Build Your Own Solar Panels And Wind Turbines In Less Than $200

Hi guys, I am here writing an Earth4Energy review for the people who are looking to buy it but just could not make up their mind about it completely. I am going give you an inside look of this DIY solar panel kit in my Earth4Energy review.

More and more people are investigating about solar energy and wind power to use in their house, both for financial as well as environmental reasons.

Either you could buy a commercial system and have it installed through some professional. The only thing is this costs you a lot of money and few people wonder if it is possible to reduce the ultimate cost of building a solar panel or wind turbine. As lower will be cost, the shorter will be the payback time.

I heard a lot about Earth4Energy on many forums and many people were telling me about this. Earth4Energy is a DIY guide that claims to teach you how to build your own solar panels and wind powered generator for less than $200, which would generate up to 80% of the power you require for your home.

Doesn't it sound too good to be true. But, after hearing about it repeatedly over and over again from many of my friends, I decided to purchase it myself, have a look and write this Earth4Energy review for you.

This is what I found...

Earth4Energy Review | What Are the Components?

To start with, the entire Earth4Energy course is a digital product, which means that you can immediately download when you order. It includes both written manuals as well as a series of video lessons. You also get number of bonuses too with the original product.

As soon as I got it, I looked at the manual.

It is good, well written with a lot of illustrations. I was very happy to see that it started with a section on how important the energy conservation is as part of the overall home energy program.

earth4energy review

Earth4Energy Review | Solar Panel Instructions

The solar panel section began with a simple and a short explanation on how does solar panels work. After that the author explains the different components required for solar photovoltaic system.

It began with the easiest system which consisted of a solar panel, a deep cycle battery, a charge controller to control the battery charging rate and a power inverter which would convert direct current from battery to alternating current to run the various home appliances.

After that the more complex systems were described and illustrated in a progressive manner, for instance the ones that are used to power a house that is entirely off the grid without a generator backup or one that is integrated onto a standard power grid.

The good thing about the Earth4Energy manual was the explanations and illustrations were very easy and clear. The function of each and every component is explained very well. The schematic diagrams along with the real photographs are quite helpful and also make it simple to understand.

In case you buy the individual components then it's not too difficult to build a small scale system all by yourself and use it for powering a refrigerator or any other individual appliance.

However, large-scale systems are quite complex yet doable. You might need an electrician if you happen to be integrating your house system with a commercial solar panel system.

If you are a real do-it-yourselfer, then the next section teaches you the right way to build your own solar panel. The creator offers few very good sources to get free or cheap solar cells that you could easily combine together to build a solar panel system at your home.

Always remember one thing that few solar cells may be slightly damaged and the might need some repair. Don't expect them to work at full efficiency, but as you got them for free that's less of a consideration. Nevertheless, obviously it will take more time repairing an old and used solar cell instead to working with a brand new one.

What I personally think it building a solar panel from used solar cells is usually for the real hobbyist or a small trial system rather than for somebody who wishes to use solar panels on a large scale (unless you are on a limited budget).

The Earth4Energy kit comes with the video tutorials and illustrations about how to construct solar panels are very clear and are an excellent supplement.

Earth4Energy Review | Wind Power Instructions

The wind power section too follows the same outline as one above. The components are explained, and then few tips on where you can find them at cheap prices and then the author shows step by step instructions on how to make your own wind turbine at home.

Again, one of the best aspects of the info given in Earth4Energy is its practicality.

For instance, it is shown that where could you find the probable sources for free and cheap deep cycle batteries that you require to store energy with either a wind or solar panel system. (We are not talking about the usual 12V batteries, they are much different.) The Earth4Energy guide also shows the best way to make efficient and working windmill blades from a length of PVC pipe.

The wind turbine concludes with a general discussion on the other available energy sources and energy policy. I must say I totally disagree with the authors regarding the fairly positive position on ethanol from corn as a fuel alternative. (Not a very good idea in my view) but the entire section was well informed and reasoned overall.

In fact, I liked that the author ended on a positive note. I think there's too much doom and gloom in the world today, especially when it comes to our energy future. I have more faith in humanity's creativity than the pessimists seem to have. We may not have all the answers today but we're well on our way to developing them.

I might not tell or share his views on ethanol, by do share his optimism.

The Final Verdict of Earth4Energy Review

Overall, Earth4Energy is a nice system for handy do-it-yourselfer. It totally depends on what you are looking for. If you think it delivers what you want then off course you should buy it.

One other thing that I thought is both photovoltaic panel and the wind generator could be an excellent way to power up your small camps or vacation home.

In case you are searching for an inexpensive way to try out using solar or wind power, then this is the way to go. It could also be a good science project for school. Although, it needs an adult supervision as the electric current and deep cycle batteries might be dangerous in case they're connected improperly.

If you need to find more about Earth4Energy, follow the link below.
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I hope my Earth4Energy review was helpful. Do your part of our environment today! :)

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