How To Install Solar Panels At Your Home | 5 Things You Must Know

Learn How To Install Solar Panels At Your Home

There are quite a few number of things that you need to keep in mind and know when it comes to installing solar panels at your home to make it work properly. Learn how to install solar panels. There is absolutely no point in spending thousands of dollars on a solar power system only to find that the installation went terribly wrong due to lack of information.

Important Tips On How To Install Solar Panels

Given below are the 5 things you must know on how to install solar panels at your home:-

1. Is Your Roof or Pole Mounted?

Generally, solar panels are installed at the roof of your house. The reason that is the most common place for a panel is as a result of it's normally the very best spot on your property which often means it's going to get the best sunlight. You'll be able to place a photo voltaic panel elsewhere, however you will need to get a stand.

how to install solar panels
If you set up a panel on the roof of your house be sure you are attach it to the rafters and never into the plywood directly. If you don't find a rafter then drill the panel right into a 2x4 so as to get the same strength.

2. Find a Location with the Finest Solar Exposure

The perfect location to face the photo voltaic panel is to the South, so if at all doable face it that way. If you can't face the photo voltaic panel in that course then the following greatest directions are the East and West, by no means face it to the North. This is a very important thing you must take care off while learning how to install solar panels.

3. Attaching the Panel Securely

You'll want to have the panel absolutely assembled on the ground to make sure you do not have unfastened items on the roof, it will make things simpler to work with. You wish to drill a number of pilot holes just to make sure you do not break up the beams after which you can fasten your mounting hardware to the beams. As I stated earlier in case you do not have a beam then you can use a chunk of wood to fasten the mounts on your roof securely. You'll want to be certain that the photovoltaic panel is raised off the roof by 3-4 inches as it's a known fact that they function better and also last longer in there happen to be sufficient airflow around the photovoltaic panel.

4. Ensure that You Connect the Wiring Accurately

Now that you've got the photo voltaic panel in place it's time to connect the wiring. The very first thing you wish to ensure is that the panel is grounded correctly. Subsequent to it you will have to interconnect the panels, open the junction box on the back and connect one cell to the other till you get to the last cell in which you'll connect to the final panel to the separate array junction box.

5. Get Your Work Checked by an Electrician

Once you are done with installing your solar panels then it is important that you find a professional electrician to verify your installation work. An electrician will ensure that all the connections are made correctly to make sure the safety of your DIY solar energy photo voltaic system. This is the most essential step in how to install solar panels.

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