Build Your Own Solar Panels | 11 Important Things You Must Remember


11 Simple Tips To Build Your Own Solar Panels

There are quite a number of things that you should know in order to build your own solar panels at home. Missing such area information could result in ineffective working. It may happen that your solar panel doesn't work at the worst. Also, the prices of solar panels are increasing each day.

I've listed here a number of areas that is important to get good knowledge about before you begin building your solar panels.

1. The Right Way To Tab Solar Cells

The small photo voltaic cells are wired together in series and parallel within your solar panel frame. You must know the correct way to connect them to produce your supposed current and voltage output.

2. Securing Solar Cells To The Substrate

Photo voltaic cells should be secured correctly to the substrate. In case it is not done the right way, you photo voltaic cells might crack under stress because of the repeated contraction and expansion.

3. Choosing suitable material for the substrate

Few materials wrap under moisture or heat. Although when you build your own solar panel you make the panel frame waterproof, but still make sure to choose a material which is warp resistant.

4. How to make a solar panel frame

This is a important part in building a photo voltaic panel or solar panel. Frames takes all the stress during a climate change and also abuse from precipitation. It is always smart to have a good frame, so that your solar panel can last longer and save you money on repairs.

5. Choosing the right kind of glazing

Few glazing reflect too much of the sunlight that its efficiency get affected. In areas of hail, make sure that you choose a glazing which is strong and able to withstand the impacts.

6. Waterproofing your solar panels

In case the moisture is seeped into the solar panel's frame, the metallic connectors may corrode over a period of time. The other thing is condensation also forms at the inside of the glazing and solar power generator may loose its effectiveness.

7. Sort of connectors to use while you build your own solar panels

The standard connectors used to connect solar panels to the inverters are good enough. You can use them so that there is no problem when installing other kinds of PV panels in future if you happen to.

8. How to make an inverter

A lot of people make a inverter just for fun. But these inverters are quite affordable and need not have to build one of your own if you don't want to.

9. Connect your solar panels to the inverter and calculate the amount of wire required

Getting your wire sizing correct is very important. Using thicker wires means you are wasting unnecessary money. And if you use too thin wires, your power output get eroded due to resistive loss. Therefore, you need to learn to make proper calculation to find the perfect wire size.

10. Sizing your solar panel system

Another important thing when you build your own solar panels, make sure that you don't make your solar panel system too smaller or bigger than necessary. Or else, you will have unwanted inconvenience or you may waste money on useless equipments.

11. Installing your solar panels

After you have build your own solar panels you need to install them at your roof, you may not have the right right expertise to do it. Hence, you got to learn the correct way to do this or you can just hire a professional to do it for you.

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